About the Poet

“The Poet is a benevolent sun looking at the Earth;
a humble observant servant of the universe unknown.
She is the sweet breeze that travels the mountains,
bringing caressing scents in her arms.”

-Jenn S.R.

Jenn S.R. lives in the tropical forested mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico. She was born on the Island but lived 15 long years of her short life in Orlando, FL. At the age of 19 she decided that the city was not good for her and she moved near her family in the small island of big enchantment. She loves to write poems that tell spectacular tales of love, of loss and other interesting aspects of life. Her biggest inspiration, which you will notice in her writing, is nature and the outdoor elements and how they influence her feelings and thoughts. She is a great observer of the world around her and the people around her and uses those actions to portray ideas through her writing.

Now 24 years old, she is making the most of her youth volunteering in her small rural community, and to writing. Administrative Professional during the day and poet during the night she enjoys the small things in life and the simple pleasure that comes from sharing with others her thoughts and her poetry.

With humble appreciation she bids you to read her poems and enjoy!