Rearview Mirror

Will it forever be this way?
Me, driving down these same old roads
at night, my white blue lights shinning in the darkness
and in the rearview mirror your lights shining behind me?

It is only by chance, I know,
you are not interested in chasing me
but I am becoming dependent on seeing you behind me
it is you who I look for in my rearview mirror.

And the faster I go the faster you go
and I am never more than a path’s curve away
but you are distant from me in person
always behind me never face to face.

I feel used, drained and unwanted.
Perhaps you are only using me for my light,
I light up the way for you to see
but I am nothing more than a moments opportunity.

I have my own shadow which follows me everywhere
but at night when it is gone you take its place.
It is a cruel game you take to playing
but I need more than a shadow to feel loved.

Speak! Act! Do something I can feel!
I am tired of looking in my rearview mirror for you,
I am tired of needing your presence behind me,
I am tired of wishing to be looking straight into your eyes.

I am going to stop checking for you in my rearview mirror,
I will stop myself from longing to see if you are still behind me.
The path in front of me is calling to me
and if you can’t keep up I am gone.


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