Life’s Roadmaps

Three seconds old
your first breath cold and sterile
the hands that touch you are covered in latex;
in a naked cry you came into the world.

Five years old
your worries are simple; your favorite color,
the playground swings at recess,
the monsters hidden in your closet, under your bed.

Now you are thirteen,
changes are coming, rampaging through your life
dark clouds may haunt your days,
worries increasing, stress taking over.

The twenties come swiftly,
with strength and power, vigor and desire.
Beware! You may get lost down life highways!
You don’t have a roadmap, it is time to make your own.

The thirties come with multiple gifts,
One becomes two and one plus one equals three or five
multiplied by happiness, multiplied by love
life’s equation that should not make sense.

Now you are forty five
your son is thirteen with many worries
transferred on to you; discord, no understanding

but you were here before.

And at fifty you may have lost your boy,
life’s worries could have devoured him…
With hope he will still be with you
be grateful, be loving, be real.

Sixty years of life and you find yourself growing again
another one of life’s equations making one plus one

equal twelve, a whole new generation.
and the gray hairs on your head are a blessing.

Seventy years young and countless blessings on your head
memories brim at the corners of your eyes
smiles left trails on your cheeks
and your heart is branded with life’s roadmap.

And three seconds after death,
your last breath was warm and peaceful
the hands that touch you are covered in love;
in a quiet slumber you left the world.


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