For how long will our love burn for?
Tell me the longevity of it,
this love affair we have.

It is my food, my breath, my water.
It is the gasoline to my drive
I am wrapped in its beauty.

It is exquisite, elegant and succulent
It is the sugar in my coffee
I crave it sweetness every morning.

It is blue fire, a red giant, a burning ember
It burns in my heart, it flames in my eyes
It erupts in my soul.

It is sweet, it is luscious, it is divine
It drips from my lips like wine,
It drips into your waiting mouth.

Is it eternal, perpetual, undying?
Is it the immortal preservation of our souls combined?
Is it indestructible forevermore?

It is endless, it is mine, I produce it
I secrete it from the love in my eyes
It is yours, it is pure, it is love.


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