The Night

Another night has fallen on me,
I feel it’s weight on my small body
It’s darkness drapes over me
it covers my mouth, it suffocates me.

And though I still live I feel lifeless
as night takes me to its deep dungeon
and rips away in my sleep the hopes that I have left
my body a limp crumble on the floor.

But in my deep sleep I feel it
the thrill of being taken by the night
the rush of becoming one with something so foreign
the excitement of being wanted by it.

And in that moment I rouse from my sleep
and I reach out to touch it
and find that it is more human than what I thought
and my heart longs for it.

And I open my self to it and it’s darkness
and I feel and it come near me
becoming every part of my soul
infusing me with its power, its deep abyss.

I can feel it, the night, as it travels through my veins
I can feel it building an explosive ardor
I can feel it increasing its intensity on my skin
I can feel it, mmmmmm I can feel it.

The night and I are one,
I open my eyes and I can see the stars and all galaxies
In my hands I hold billions of dreams
my skin glistens in the dark oblivion that is the night.


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