My Universe

There is that feeling again
like I carry the emptiness of the world inside of me
Spatial voids accumulating one by one inside my chest
Darkness, silence, death…


Look into my eyes, look into the abyss.
So vast, and black, you will see nothing.
The black will swallow you whole
Become part of my emptiness… I dare you.

Because when that feeling comes around
like a silent cold front from the north
I will take you with me
you are the cause of all of this, why shouldn’t I?

I will engulf you into my intense stare,
dissolve your soul into mine and
make galaxies with it in my deep dark universe
and I will become the mother of everything from then on.

Suns and moons, planets and nebulas
will pour out of where once my heart was,
on one of those planets I will place your heart
and a new humanity will grow on it.

My heart will keep oozing out creations and
yours will be dependent on me
For I will rule the vast darkness that I have created within me
Darkness, silence, life…

And my darkness will shine with the light of dozens of millions of stars
Yours will only shine when I say so.
And my universe will be grand and amazing
You will be a speck on one of its cheek’s.


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