I am up in the clouds thinking about you
Gravity has failed me, I drift with the wind current
Just wondering
Dreaming like dreamers do

I am floating without control
Gravity has failed me, soon I will be lost
And I’m wondering
Dreaming like dreams do

You were suppose to catch me as I came down
My body was supposed to land in your waiting arms
But you weren’t there
And I never fell

I wonder what could have been had I descended into your heart
I dream of what being there would have felt like
But gravity has failed me
And I waft into the deep of space

A tear leaves my face and I
see it take weightless flight
The sadness in my heart so heavy
is not enough to make me come down again.

Because gravity has failed me
I expected too much out of it
That lifeless force has abandoned me
I am no longer grounded, I have no home.
And as I wonder and as I dream with the stars
I hope that your heart is aching as much as mine
To turn back time and come into each other’s orbit once more
To give gravity another chance at love.


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