The Days

The days run over me like horses…
and I wonder if my life will ever change,
if the love that I seek will ever find me
if my heart will ever be filled again.

Their strong and robust legs kick me…
and realization kicks in:
I may forever travel like a lost soul
around the earth and never find peace.

Cruel days trample my spirit…
pain will be my loyal companion
and tears will always fall upon my face
I shall be broken eternally.

I am left for dead on the soil of past moments…
my person is not searched for, I am not missed
my dreams drip to the ground along with my blood
I am a distant whisper of a foggy memory.

Merciless days kill the hope as they die…
Leaving only a body with empty insides
riding along on a daily routine
cursing the day she was ever born.

Only the dust of their path lingers…
I shall become part of that dust
my body deteriorating each day more
fading slowly until there is no more


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