Let Me

Let me hold you like a promise
a glass one, much more delicate,
I will not break it, I know you are not shatter-proof.

I will make a home for you in my arms,
I will build pillars to support your dreams
as you sleep in my embrace at night.

Let me keep you like a secret,
hidden and obscure but cherished and loved,
I will not let the world discover you.

Let me lay your beautiful body beside mine,
like the sand that the sea caresses,
let me cover you with my waves.

Let me collect your sweet kisses,
one by one savor the love they spill,
the ardent passion that runs through your veins.

Let me look into your eyes eternally,
share your thoughts without speaking
make love to that wonderful mind full of wonder.

Let me hold your heart like an amulet,
allow me the precious privilege
to have you in my arms forever.


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