Depend On You

Teach me to depend on you
a host to a parasite, be my life support
be the ground in which my roots grow
be the air that I, as a necessity, breathe.

Nurture a symbiotic relationship with me
be the strong one, I will be the weak
protect me under your shadow
be the light that I seek.

I have not learned to depend on anyone
my fight has been a one woman battle.
Independent  and confident I marched on
I don’t want to survive alone.

Teach me to depend on you,
make my eyes look for you before every step,
make my lips say your name before every thought
and my heart call for you with every beat.

Know, that with this responsibility
I am laid vulnerable, naked in your hands
and that I am a bare glass figurine
I will depend on you to keep me whole.

Make me part of your body
and feed me, lay me down to sleep
I will entrust you with my delicate soul
with closed eyes I will depend on you.


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