A Beginning

A sunset, the ending of a lifetime of memories.
A sunrise, the beginning of newborn experiences.
Life is a cycle of never-ending events.

And standing on this mountain today
I stare at the clouds that dance by
and wonder if they have regretted their journeys.

For what is in a cloud’s lifetime but to cry on the earth?
To just float incessantly in the sky looking down
on the lakes, rivers and oceans benefiting from her misery?

I cannot have the life story of one of them.
My tears have not been beneficial to anyone
and floating by in life without a choice is not to my liking.

I want to be that storm that chooses its path
and runs rampant, forcefully blowing
violating trees, damaging terrains flooding villages.

But at the same instance I want to be that very exotic orchid,
with perfumes made of elixir scents
and enchant people with my beauty and rareness.

A night falls on a past remembrance,
the sun rises to awake new occurrences
a beginning, a chance to commence again.


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