Two Worlds

A fight between peace and war,
a struggle between the rich and the poor.
An ocean of blood shed because of stupid decisions
and an irreparable crash of morality.

The sun turns to black in their world
but in ours it shines like gold.
We close out all the windows to the outside
and open the door to our enclosed future.

Together we fight to control our joy
we struggle with the need to kiss.
Rivers of love run between us
and a crash of feelings bombard us.

Confusion on what is right and what is wrong
punishment for condemned acts of madness.
An earth made of dead bodies killed by brothers
and walls upon walls of crushed dreams.

The night turns to mist and covers the moon
in their world , but it shines like silver in ours.
We cover all the wholes in the wooden walls
and are left with darkness lighter than day.

Confused by the floor and the ceiling
we are tenderly held by the dark,
we lie in the rugs the color of earth
and stare up at the dream coated walls.

Malevolence and lies are thrown in the air like rice,
stupidities and foul language rule their voices.
A wind of bad sentiments and ugly thoughts,
and the putrid rain of broken hearts.

The days turn sad and gray in their world
but are blue and vibrant in ours.
We sleep through the problems
to wake up to better tomorrows.

Our hopes are thrown in the air to be fulfilled,
love and caring words rule our voices.
A sweet brings us together with memories
and the shimmering rain plays lullabies for us to fall to sleep to.


I wrote this piece when I was still in high school, I think I was around 17 years old. I hope you all like it.


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