The Best of Me

Open your eyes and see the real me
not the me that has been painted over by others
not the imposter that has replaced me over time
because I want you to see what I am really like.

I am the person that loves to paint with butterflies
the one that desires to draw with her words.
The one that closes her eyes and let’s the world melt away
and then watches as her dreams dance before her.

I am the girl who loves the melody of spring showers
the rhythm and beat of summer storms,
the calm and slowness of breezy cloudy days,
and the urgency and rush of really windy mornings.

I look for inspiration in the wrinkles of old leaves,
then transform them into poems that reach hearts,
I do this because if my love of acceptance
and for the joy of expressing myself through my thoughts.

My passion travels through my veins and it escapes
through my eyes to reach other eyes that I may find in my life.
I am not perfect because I struggle to forget the past,
and my future is blurry and yet to be revealed to me.

Push aside the stereotypes that you think you may know
so that you may be able to see the true image;
that I pretend to be a super woman, perfect and a dreamer
but I am just a girl who is looking to be the best of me.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Terrific! Loved the ending!


    1. Jenn Rose says:

      Thank you! I wrote this poem very long ago, back when I was in high school. I am glad you liked it ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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