Closed Door

A sliver of light entered the room as the door opened.
It brought dust particles in its lingering shine,
the door opened slowly as in hesitating to move,
and a silhouette appeared piece by piece behind it.

First the hand that touched the door frame,
then the resting feet that supported their owner.
The head appeared tall, standing on top of wide shoulders,
and soon the whole figure appeared covering the light.

The shadow covered the wall and my face with it,
and it left triangles of light pass through the dark,
the dust particles danced in the light enjoying the warmth
that I myself had not felt in such a long time.

The figure came closer and became a man,
his form apparent but his features still hidden.
I questioned him but no answer I received
and the silence was becoming thicker than the darkness.

He spoke a word and it painted the black room with
red, violet, blue and green words but I couldn’t hear them.
He moved his hands in the air and each gesture
was a note of sweet music that made its way to my ears.

The door closed behind his back and trapped us inside
but there was no longer any darkness,
the light was also trapped with us,
and the door remained closed and vanished into the wall.


This one was also written by a younger me, I was 17.


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