Forever and Never

Nights are eternally sweet,
eyes smile swiftly out of sheer joy
excitement escapes through lips
time stops, minutes standstill.

Forever can have the length of a second.
A year can be as short as a breath.
Yesterday could have been a hundred years ago
and tomorrow can be an eye blink away.

But the length of time doesn’t matter
because how long does not come into play
when a heart is taken by that known culprit
which can be here a second and gone the next.

Forever can start tonight and be
carried on for as long as light travels in space,
a person can become a time traveler
seeing worlds get old but never age.

Never can be a sadness
but it can also be a blessing
and sometimes the lucky ones are
the ones that never fall in love.

And how long does a heart stay beating rapidly
after wondering eyes come into contact with another’s
and cities and people disappear in that instant
and become the foggy blur of the memory of a dream?

Nights are eternally sweet
eyes smile swiftly out of sheer joy
forever is half a second away
and a sigh is never too far behind it.


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