An Old Abandoned Road

I am an old abandoned road
weathered down
a once very popular street
now my face is corroded.

The many waters have marked my path
my lustrous asphalt has given way
to muddy underlining
my way is rugged and unsafe.

I am an old abandoned road
I do not have the pleasure of feeling
glistening black tires on my curves anymore,
I hear travelers in the distance but I am not frequented.

Vegetation is eating the borders of my lanes,
it causes pain, the destruction of my integrity…
I lay lifeless, I cannot do anything,
I let myself fade.

Who will travel over this once convenient route now?
Afar I discern the rumble of a curios wonderer,
he looks for adventure in this forgotten land.
Alas I feel the presence of a soul on this barren course.

He is not afraid, he has come prepared!
He has placed his strong feet on my broken foundation,
he is willing to travel me on all my winding turns
and his steps caress me under the beat of the hot sun.


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  1. Beautifully written… Please checkout my blog.


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