Wanting is consuming,
desire eats the flesh of the one desiring,
anticipation chews on the veins of the expecting,
wanting something as much as a breath can destroy.

I have wanted without restraint
I have felt the death of minutes that pass
make ulcers on the walls of my stomach
until my mouth is sour with the taste of blood.

Wanting has made me weak
and while I am weakest, doubt invades my mind
clinging with its vicious claws to my thoughts
injecting me with venom.

My wanting has also been at times calmed, quenched,
but most of times it is morphed into another need,
and while one want was cured the other
raged on without control and more power.

Wanting has fogged my brain, laced it with a blindfold,
destroyed my reason, taken away my judgement,
crushed my nerves, left the wrecked,
stabbed my heart to lead out till death.

Wanting has destroyed the hope that once slept with me,
erased the dreams that used to dance upon my pillow.
Wanting is consuming,
to desire something is to desire demise.


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  1. This is why I love your writing…I feel this! Every word of it Jenn. You write from deep down like I do. ❤


    1. Jenn Rose says:

      Well yes, I write what I feel and this is what comes out.


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