In The Sands

Once in time a blooming lady I was
you were the soil that made me grow
that fed me the true experiences of life
that took my innocence like taking breath and opened my mind.

You reached me as an ocean current, strong and swift
I was enveloped in you power, your controlling arms,
drowned in your love, disoriented in your body
that’s swallowed every last bit of my life leaving me lost.

Lost and stolen, without a heart; I lived in misery.
In no man’s land I laid may head where many had fallen
I became part of the earth, the mud, the sand;
the sand that in its grains carried fragments of many others.

Now I am in the sands of the world’s lands
a small piece of me on every coast on the earth
from me feeds the salt of the ocean waters
and the sun mirrors me as it travels the skies.

I am in the sands of times memory,
I fly as the wind carries me through the clouds to unknown places,
I am septa away in autumn with the fallen leaves
I accumulate like fastidious dust in dark, cold corners.

My heart is in the sands of the desert,
it beats with the pulsating heat of Arabian days,
it shows the footprints that a lover once left behind
and the trails of tears I have not cried.

I am in the sands of that jar you keep as a souvenir,
the one with the shells in it and with the dark violet ribbon
there on you r table, I am in that sand and I watch you
as everyday you put on you coat and hand it up at night.

I am in the sands that cover your feet on the beach
I succumb to you presence and melt into your skin,
I climb to your heart stepping on your veins and hugging your arteries.
I am in the sands, the waters, the wind, I am everywhere.


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