That Girl

My eyes are always observing,
my heart always lies exposed on my wrist, vulnerable.
My smile is inviting and my voice is sweet.
I am known as that girl, the one who owns the world.

I am the pebble that breaks the surface of a calm serene pond,
I create movements and leave waves after me,
I create actions I do not imitate them
and I wrote the book on being unique.

I am one of those people who have the tendency to outshine
and I light my own path from the glow that radiates from me
sometimes leaving others blinded and in the dark,
sometimes hated for my shine.

My movements are controlled,
Precision and organization marks my territory,
while a strong mind drives me forward
to achieve greater things as I age.

I am disappointed easily by ignorance and arrogance
though I may sometimes be arrogant myself,
and I work hard to hide imperfections and damages
that I may have on me.

I cry too much, oceans could have been filled with my tears,
I am as sensitive as a Venus fly trap
and crying is my kryptonite, it makes me weak
it makes me human.

I do not know where I am going though I may show otherwise,
and people will know me as that girl who has it all under control
but the truth is I do not and it frustrates me
but I rather be that girl they think they know than this one I know well.

*Painting by Pascale Pratte


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