The Warrior

She stood in front of the storm
squared her feet and whispered:
“I shall not bend before you!”
And her voice was heard like a mighty cry.

She had no breath left to speak,
her hands were raw from fighting,
she could not feel her feet
and her sweat was rivers in her skin.

The storm had blown forcefully,
it had destroyed everything she knew,
done away with everything she has built for herself
and tried to tear her apart as well.

But she was stronger, a greater opponent.
She had fought well and nothing was left of her
but her fight had been so vigorous that the storm
now feared her and sailed away in the wind.

She stood in front of the storm, squared her feet
and watch it flow away, her hands were bloodied
and her face looked tired but her heart was beating
with the force greater than the thunder.

And as the thunder faded into the distance
and the storm clouds retreated to the mountains
she felt the trees and the grasses bow at her
for she was the warrior, mightier than the tempest.


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