It is simple,
A flower needs a sun to grow,
the wind needs clouds to blow away,
music needs ears to be listened.

A simpler statement cannot be found,
a more elementary example cannot be created
for these are the rules that life is guided by
in all the places around the earth.

Why is it not as simple to understand
that my heart needs love so that it can survive?
Or that my soul needs a someone to stay with?
Or that arms need a person to embrace?

The nights pass and I lay alone staring at the ceiling,
and when sleep finds me the smallest disruption can wake me
and I feel as the sleep lifts of my body like ashes
when the breeze blows from the south.

The days are long and torturous and
my heart aches as the hours pass and still it remains unloved.
But I do not cry, I hold back the pain,
my tears mingle with my blood and make my heart stronger.

A simpler solution there is none but it is easier said,
for hearts are not for sale in the market
nor is there price that can purchase them,
and it is easier to remain alone that with someone who does not love you.

But I have always been a lone wolf, scouting the wilderness,
making my muscles stronger and my soul a fighter,
because it is simple really, my heart may need love to live but the rarest plants grow and thrive in the most adverse conditions.


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