I Am A Woman

I am a woman, strong and willful, I am a woman,
sensual and many times passionate,
intelligent with woman’s intuition, caring with love,
possessing the great female powers of seduction.

In me lies the fountain of future lives
that bubble up from my core as time passes;
the womb if future generations to come
I will create more women to take my place.

I am a woman, I hold in my hands the power over men,
my fingers are sirens that shipwreck their eyes
my own eyes are mermaids that read minds and control them,
my mouth is a dancing fairy under blue moonlight.

I entrance men with my hips luring them into my dark forests,
where I strip them of the love they have for me
and I savour the feeling of being wanted by them
I am a woman I hunger to be desired with passion.

But in the inside, I am a scared child,
I am always afraid of the monsters that chase me
and I long to be protected by masculine arms,
and I wish to be safe in the embrace of a strong chest.

I search sky and ocean for the one that will love me
and I threw into the wind my name to land in someone’s heart
and if I should not find one who shares my love
I will become the ghost of a woman and my love a cadaver.

I am a woman, my footprint marks an invisible life path
and my breasts recollect all of my memories,
my tears run to the great rivers and oceans
and my breath creates the sweet evening breeze.

I am a woman, an essential piece to the future of the earth,
the embodiment of love and beauty,
a fertile valley full of wildflowers for the world to enjoy,
I am a woman, strong and delicate, I am a woman.


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