Run! As fast as your feet can handle,
run from the sun as it rises in the morning
it’s light chasing after you,
run to the darkness that still holds the night.

Run, like the waters angrily rumbling in the
rivers after a rain storm,
their mud filled currents causing terror as they
break through the shore banks with speed.

Run to save your life because love is after you
looking to break your heart.
It runs through the forests crawling under the
decaying dead leaves getting closer to you. Run!

Run! Fast, with urgency but with precision
because if you fall you will be taken
and in a trance like dream you will let love in
but it will bleed out your heart after it is done with you.

Run! Because you can hear the roar of
war drums approaching you from behind,
a chanting that travels throughout the mountains
nearing you, run they come for you.

Run! Until you tire,
until your lungs scream for you to stop,
your throat feels like it is raw
and your muscles are burning like liquid fire.

But beware because at that moment
a sweet-smelling fog will surround you
make you lose all judgement, it lift you,
make you feel alive, make you see what isn’t there.

And just like that the fog will drop you,
and you will be falling down onto the ground,
your body shattering as the impact shakes your bones.
There you will lie lifeless and heartless until you become part of the soil.

So run! As fast as your legs permit you to,
run like a wind current barely grazing the things in its path.
Run fast, with urgency but precision take this advice from this
now hopeless romantic who has become part of the soil she fell upon.


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  1. Beautifully written… Please checkout my blog.


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