Desolate She Dies

You lie happily in the dormant words of my love
sleep comes at you easily, peace comes at you fast.
You live for th sweetness of my touch
and for the mosaic aspect of my personality.

Your images jump through the patterns of my irises,
you leave footprints in my hazelnut eyes,
your mind and mine seem to reflect like twin mirrors
you focus in my beauty, I focus on my flaws.

What will I do if you are not beside me?
My mind goes astray if yours is not with it,
my thoughts creat headaches if you are not in them,
alone I am left without any hope of rescue.

What will my source of life be?
I reach for you like roots for water,
I’ve broken through concrete as they have too;
no one can live without sunshine, I die if you deserted my body.

In the sand duns of my deserted heart,
lie my desired dreams as grains of sand;
stable for moments then blown away by the wind
that is formed by your rushing breath.

A starless night I will become
with no moon to light my flaws
with no stars to shine on my beauty
without even a breeze to bring me joy.

What will become of me
if my tears reach down to the very core of my heart
and melt its passion like acid
to have it drain to the soil with the rest of my hope?

My eyes won’t live to see the days when
my heart’s song will be heard throughout and it says:
“Desolate she dies, for she was once loved,
now she drowns, suffocates and disappears into emptiness”.

But to me you have come with the same words
for my hands are the soil were your blossoming love grows
and you hold me in the veins of your heart’s petals,
desolation will be your murderer too.


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