My Inner Selves

With fear or expectation
my imagination paints shadows on th wall,
his wife the curiosity forms footprints in the sand ahead
pulling me closer to the object of their amusement.

My conscience, being the only sensible one,
tells my legs to stop moving and I hesitate,
but my persuasion wins her over
and I move again.

My heart beats faster for the growing suspense
and my understanding tells me that something can go wrong,
it gives my eyes a yellow light
warning me to slow down.

My hopes jump up and down at th base of my abdomen,
wishing for one of them to be fulfilled
but my common sense calms them down
telling them not to be over excited.

My senses adjust to the circumstances around me,
my hands feeling and my eyes guiding,
they send messages to my nerves
to ready them for any surprise.

I see light in the distance
luring me in and my mind
analyses, calculates and evaluates,
it is safe to go on.

Slow, deliberate feet take me
towards my future,
a careful, cautious inner voice refrains me
from moving too fast, from going astray.

My inner selves work together,
to push me and hold me back and protect me
through the darkness of life
and through the light of the future.


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