When did your heart feel inclined to pursue mine?
I feel it chasing after me
advancing fast towards my fragile soul
with every strong, giant step.

Was it when you saw tears falling from my eyes?
Was it that one, sweet tear the catalyst
to the crusade you have started
to find the fountain of my emotions?

You flattery drowns me,
but at the same time I flourish,
I am like a flower that has been watered too much,
my petals are wilting, I am dying.

When did I start living inside your thoughts?
When did my name commence beginning all of your sentences?
What made me to be a woman worth of your attention,
in your eyes, a woman worth as much as ten?

Even with all of my fighting my heart still tugs at me,
it strays and sometimes longs for your words,
it makes my body imagine what it should not
it follows your trickery into a dangerous place.

When did I captivate you this way?
I feel my resistance becoming weaker.
When did you captivate me this way?
I feel you may win my heart soon.


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