Keep Me

Keep me in the delicious taste of your mouth,
in the rough edges of your big hands,
in the arches of your feet,
in the pulsing rhythm of your heart.

Keep me as the night keeps the moon,
as the mother keeps the child,
as the love keeps the hope,
and as the mind keeps the memories.

Keep me in the place where time doesn’t matter,
where the love doesn’t run away and fade;
in the place where you and I are the rulers,
where the only rules are made by the heart.

Keep me in the crisp corners of your syllables,
in the round outlines of your eyesight,
in the particles your breathing,
in the certainty of your touch.

Keep me hidden in the favorite moments of your life,
in the things that you do each day,
in the things that you are proud of
and in the unchangeable past that you lived.

Keep me with you, in you, forever.
Keep me safe away from harm.
Keep me endlessly, in the abstracts of life,
keep me in your India, keep me in your memory.


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