I have welcomed insomnia into my bed
with the moonlight that comes through my window,
it talks in my ears and tries to make me
do something I do not want.

The sultan moon forcefully enters into my room
robbing me of the darkness that I need to keep sleep with me .
It makes shadows in the wall come alive,
they whisper in my ear seductively as well.

They are wining I am almost persuaded,
they paint beautiful dreams on my bedroom walls,
they tempt me with imaginary futures
they whisper my most secret wishes to me.

They sing me an enchanted melody
and lift my mind off my bed
and take it with them,
I dance along involuntarily following the dulcet melody.

But I try to fight it, I don’t want
what they paint for me, I am confused,
It’s like happiness and sadness all at the same time,
an unwanted gift that is useless but at the same time beautiful.

It is sweet as candy but bitter as bile,
I long to have it but know I will not be happy for long,
it will be a temporary pleasure but my heart starts craving it,
I am losing myself to this dream.

I have let insomnia enter into my bed
with the moonlight that comes into my room
through my window violating
the darkness that helps me sleep.

I have allowed it to lay with me at night,
to lure me away towards what I once found insane.
I let it talk to me about impossible things and listen.
Will I follow it and make them come true?


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