His Shadow

He walks,
and I stand there and watch,
each step separating him
more and more from me
and in the distance
I keep on looking
as his figure gets
smaller and smaller.
I am saddened,
and for a moment
I wish that he could
stay with me,
that he could
let me be part
of his life.
I would be happy
with just being
his shadow.
I’d be tied to the
souls of his feet
I’d go with him everywhere,
be part of him.
As the sun
would change position
in the blue sky
I would come closer
or step further from him,
and he will love me
and miss me when
I am gone.
On rainy, cloudy days
I will stay home
as he goes about life
and on cool autumn evenings
I will sit with him
in the porch
watching the sunset.
But at night
I will be free and will be able
to roam through the house
and lay by him until morning.
I wish I could be his shadow,
that amazing product that comes
when a body blocks the light,
I wish I could and I would relish
the opportunity to be tied
to the edge of his shoe.
And now in the distance
as he disappears for ever,
I wish I was his shadow
so I didn’t have to stay with me.


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