The dress spoke for her
It flowed in the wind that she created
Deflecting the air
Making air currents circulate
Around her
She came into the room
Like a fairy
Leaving her magical dust trailing
A serene angel
Passing along
Her footsteps were without sound
She seemed to be floating
Barely touching
The marble tile floor
As she walked
The light from the chandeliers
Hanging above
Made brilliant crystals appear
On her soft skin
Her hair danced in the air
Like long sensuous arms
Trailing her vanilla scent behind her
The room was paralyzed
All had stopped breathing
Once she had step in
All eyes were on her
As she crossed it
All minds were fixed
On her beautiful presence
Time had stopped

In a second she was gone
Disappearing behind a corner
Never to be seen again
And the room came back to life
And all went back to what
They were doing before
She walked in the room
Now she was just a faint memory
A swift remembrance of an angel
Who walked by.


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