“Everything will be ok”, so you said.
But somehow I knew nothing would be.
I was left in the dark as you exited my life
Only thunder lit up the space I was in.

Rain started falling
drops fell, crashed loudly on the floor.
They hit my skin violently,
like angry watery cold fists.

I searched for cover, I could not see.
I searched for an exit, non was to be found.
I could feel the water soaking me through,
rain drops spilled like tear drops on my face.

On the floor beneath me the waters accumulated
and rose every moment more,
climbing up my feet, up my legs…
Will it soon drown me?

My breath was faltering, my eyes searched for hope,
it felt like it was raining inside of me
and I was drowning from the inside out.
The water was almost at my chest.

In a flash of lighting, my sight was open
and I found myself in an ocean on a cloudy day
the waters being beaten and shaken
taking my weak body with them, I was almost gone.

I closed my eyes, said good bye to my dear self
wished myself a good rest in my death
but the waves that once wrongly handled me
started caressing and comforting me.

There hostile salt waters turned sweet
and they carried me to my warm dry bed.
My bed covers were placed tenderly atop of me
and a night light was lit.

The sun woke me up with a warm kiss on each eye,
I breathed in the familiar breeze of morning
and was welcomed by the white clouds outside my window.
You were right, everything is going to be ok.


Wave painting by David Gayda, Seascape and Wave painting artist. Visit http://davidgaydamarineartist.blogspot.com/ to see more of his work!


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