I believe to know exactly the type of person you are,
Man of desirable beauty and strength.
You are the great mountain by the sea,
the grand waterfall by the forest.

You stand tall on your own
egotistic arrogance and false charm,
leaving us to crawl at you feet
begging like beasts for your attention.

So many flowers in your gardens
but you expect them to water themselves,
so much beauty all around you but you
only honor yours; it is the only thing you see.

And you shatter many hearts and push away
the crimson shards with your feet
to not obstruct your path and you make many
tears fall and yet you wash your hands of them.

And you worship your skin, and your love is the mirror,
and the hairs of your head
are the many women you have captured;
the bragging shrine of all your victories.

You glide your way into a woman’s darkest
deepest emotion and you burn your mark on
her essence, and hang her remnants on your
bedroom curtains as souvenirs from your adventures.

Still, deep inside your arrogant exterior
you regret all the wounds you have inflicted
and you wish you could go back to that time
that you were free of the arrogance that claims you.

And someday you will find a love that will cure you
and you will love her more than yourself
and you will know that she is everything to you
you heart will be hers and she will be your soothing balm.

But for now your arrogance will rule you,
and your egotism will blind you still.
You will still be that tall mountain by the sea,
so great and yet so alone.


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