I lay outside in the chilly dark night in, outside of my home up in the mountains, the coolness of the night falls on me like an invisible fog. Up in the sky stars sparkle in contrast to the dark blanket behind them. Around me the light from the moon shimmers on the leaves of plants dancing in the lazy breeze that travels by. Fireflies! I see fireflies, my body is surrounded by them, they swoosh by me, almost touching me, their light strong enough to make light appear on my skin for brief seconds. Some of them settle on me, their tiny legs tickling my arms, my legs, my face, their light never extinguishing as they decide to fly away. My vision follows one that flies away from me, it flies by another of her friends and in a way salutes her partner and flies on, disappearing in the distance. I am so distracted by the fireflies that I do not see when the moon hides her gentle face behind a cloud snickering at my childish behavior, she smiles shyly from behind the cloud and watches me as I contemplate the playful fireflies. As if called by a muted signal the fireflies go away, I feel suddenly abandoned, alone and left in the dark. My surroundings become unknown, I cannot see, the darkness has enveloped everything, I am scared, scared of what I don’t see. What dangers hide in the darkness around me? In an instant the moon emerges from her foggy curtain and shines down on me again, I am coated by her blue light and a certain calm comes over me. I am safe under the moons glow, she cares for me and shines a path for me to follow back to my bed. She gives me some of her magic, puts it in a jar for me to keep beside my bed to look at on nights when I can’t sleep. And as I walk back to my bed I feel the moon smile behind me I hold out my hand to say good night and I sleepily head back in.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. angelsdotalk says:

    Wow nicely described. As you read the reader tends to feels the firefly…


    1. Jenn Rose says:

      Thank you! This means that I have done my job well!


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