It Rains in My Heart

I want to speak with all sincerity
because I have not been totally honest with anyone.
Truth has not  decorated my words
and I have hidden reality under a rug.

It rains in my heart;
day after day my heart suffers under
storms of sadness and bitterness,
storms that circle constantly with no way out.

My love is flooded and it drowns me with
torrents of agony and melancholy cries
and my smiles have sunken deep in the
mud that has accumulated in the edges of my heart.

I live in a fantasy life that my mind has created,
I see myself as what I am not,
I say the things that I know are not true
but yet they spill out of my mouth like hot tar.

And I hurt the ones around me
with my words like darts that shoot out
without me even thinking that they are
and then regret creeps up on my neck and I feel rotten.

It rains in my heart,
acid drops of remorse that overflow my arteries
and boil all the way up to my eyes
and make the rain appear on my face, to mark it forever.


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