No Cure For a Broken Heart

It is very sad to see a heart fall in love.
It is like watching a toddler crawl closer to the edge of a cliff;
every tiny step inching him closer to the dangerous zone,
closer to being swallowed by the abyss and lost forever.

It is sad but I fear it even more.
The heart is a tight rope walker,
it balances on a fine line above a sorrowful ending
on the rope it is safe, but it is vulnerable to fall and shatter.

I am terrified when I see a heart falling on love.
It takes flight without wings, it floats!
But sometimes it flies too close to the sun,
it becomes hurt and falls to the ground burned.

It is bitter-sweet really,
a heart in love can flutter inside a person’s chest
and laugh with joyous new emotions,
it could as easily bleed with the loss of its loves.

There are people around me falling in love.
Poems, songs, books and movies celebrate it,
they speak of its beauty, they speak of its grace,
they speak of it as a miracle that happens every day.

But I sit alone and ponder on the happiness
of the ones whom have fallen in love,
and I fear that their hearts shall become damaged
because it is sad to watch it fall in love only to be broken.

And love has had its glory days, it’s accomplishments,
and it has had its many recognitions, it’s victories.
But everybody knows, even in their heart they know,
that there is no cure for a broken heart.


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