I am in a pit of darkness;
nothing can be seen, no light reaches my eyes,
my surroundings are unknown to me,
I have been thrown into darkness by the situations around me.

My eyes scream wanting to see,
my corneas seem to want to jump out of my head,
my pupils dilate to their full dimension
but all attempts are vain in the darkness.

This darkness that creeps up behind me
and trespasses my intimacy, seductively
abusing of my privacy, violating my space
touching my mind with evil fingers.

It whispers foul things in my ear, promising death,
promising pain if I do not escape soon.
It spreads fear all around my body
my flesh turns cold and sweat sprinkles on my skin.

I can hear distant sounds that have been trapped
as well as I have been by the darkness;
a woman who cries silently with great pain,
an old man who speaks to his dead wife.

People who have not been able to escape
and who will become part of the darkness
and feed its thickness of confusion and loss
and their cries will give voice to the darkness.

My anxieties tug at my arms and legs
my worries urge me to sit down on the damp ground,
my tears burn my nerves and my heart wants
to stop beating and give in to the darkness.

And as I stand cold and hopeless and blind
I wish for an instant to stop living,
and lay at rest and not see the darkness
but in my mind I know that I have to find another escape.


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