Goodbye, so long, farewell to all those who have carried
my tears with them, to those who have shared with me
their laughs and worries and to those who have taken
my apologies, to all my friends who have kissed my heart.

I am standing on the edge of a world
that has injected its veins with toxic ideas
and has drunken the water that is poisoned
by the venom of hate and prejudice.

In a world that has distorted the minds of
those who live in it, of those who thrive in it.
It has gassed them with pride,
it has thrown its acid on their future.

And I will take no more,
I will live not one more second in this hell,
I will leave through what means I know not
but I will say goodbye to this here Earth.

May I take with me the little love that I was given
and send ahead of me the little hope I still have left
and rejoice in my survival of this sorrowful place
and be stronger by my existence on it.

But my heart has stopped wanting to beat in this place
and I do not want to inhale this drunken air,
this drugged atmosphere that blackens my lungs
I want to be free of the muddy pit I called home.

So goodbye, so long, farewell to those who still hold my name.
Remember me when you hear a lonely bird singing
and when a small flower blooms in the valley.
Farewell to those who have kissed my heart.


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