Protector of Her Heart

My best friend is falling, falling, falling in love,
stepping each day closer to the edge.
I don’t know if to be happy or if to be sad,
I don’t know if she needs my help or my support.

A stranger’s hand has come to take her heart,
he has flowered her with sweet words,
has treated her like a delicate crystal figurine,
he has held her like a treasure long-lost and now found.

And she is so happy, she radiates.
She shimmers brighter than the moon at night
and her smile is envied by the white stars in the sky
and her heart flutters lighter than ever in her chest.

But I will not hand her heart over so easily,
this stranger will need to proof to me his love.
He will have to bleed his emotions onto my hands
and rip his intentions from his mind to let them be known.

I am the protector of her heart,
I will not cage her like a bird that cannot fly,
I cannot cut her wings of happiness,
but I will protect her from being wounded.

I am the protector of her heart,
I cannot be selfish, I will not cause her pain,
but there is a precious innocence that sleeps within her
that I have to preserve, that I have to care for.

She shall be free, I will help her leap.
I will be cautious, but she will be loved.
She will be happy, I will make sure of it,
and when it’s time I will hand her heart over.

I will place it in a wooden box
laced with satin, bordered with pearls
and place it in the hands of the man who requested it,
he has proven worthy of her, I will step aside.


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