All I Ask of You

Look into my eyes, leave your thoughts behind,
dissolve the irises, yours and mine, make them one.
Look into my heart, leave all logic behind,
remember the memories, yours and mine, make them your home.

Take with your hand the unwanted torments of tomorrow
throw them to the tapered walls of the forgotten,
leave them to rot in their own sour juices
never to travel up to your heart or mine.

Rip the ache that grows and eats at my heart’s wall;
the parasitic, moss-like evils that in me still lie,
that masticate my veins all at once
obstructing my blood flow, causing great pain.

Burn away every scar that time has left upon my skin;
burn them with your lips and your kisses,
soothe them with sweet balm from your voice
that drips like honeyed wine from your tongue.

Whisper to me your biggest secrets, your fears,
place them in that small black box behind my heart,
lock them away with the purest of words and phrases,
hand them to me to keep them forever hidden.

Love me until there is no more left of you
until there is no more air to breathe,
consume my essence with your lungs,
until there is no more left of me.

Carry me in your arteries so I can supply you life,
let me travel through your muscular legs
pulsating in the muscles as you chase away
the doubts and let me be you.

This is my plea, my requisite, the only thing I want,
my dream awake, my last wish,
the thing I live for, my reason to be,
this, my love, is all I ask of you.


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