The Most Suffered

To say I am the most suffered being on Earth
may be tought to be a selfish tought.
It is something the sea would say in a storm,something
the clouds would think as they drain themselves on the soil.

But it is as true as the sun always rises in the east,
as the fact that humans need oxygen to breathe
and blood in their veins to live.
I am suffered, devastated and broken.

No one has cried as much, no one has
recoiled in bitterness as much as I have in my bed.
No one’s mouth has been dryer than mine has been,
no eyes are as tired of crying as mine have are.

My mind travels without a path, without a place to go.
My heart screams louder than thunder but no one hears it.
My lungs no longer supply me air, instead glass is what I breathe.
My legs are weak, my arms are frail.

I cannot find anyone who has lost as much as I,
anyone who has felt as much pain as I,
anyone who has felt so much despair as I,
anyone who can be more suffered than I.

In my veins travel the knives that cut me
without a way of getting out.
They continue as an endless cycle of pain,
enslaving me forever to suffering.

May you call me selfish, self-centered,
narrow-minded, pessimistic; I don’t care what word!
It will be just one more drop in the glass of sourness
I live in and will drown in forever to be.


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