The Blind Fable

I’d like to tell of the blind fable
that heightens curiosity, sharpens the defenses.
It’s splendor fuses and merges with that
of the sleeping bud that is the heart.

This blind fable that unlocks the wishes
that run dry through my nerves
and kisses away worries that
threaten to kill the joy in my soul.

It consumes my fears with the fire that burns
and the flames that lick at my lifetime of pain;
makes my glances and his sing a duet that
deftly bursts into a bloom.

It makes my lips ache with the benevolent presence
of the wind pirouetting in my lungs vitally;
the immense array of sleeping emotions that awaken
and caress my heart’s skin lovingly.

With its seducing movements of distortion
my shivers, the applause that my own body gives me,
run across the exerted threshold that covers
my arms and legs greedily.

This blind fable eats hungrily at my reason,
it devours all my ill-informed doubts and frees me
of the fear that haunted my dreams constantly
every night in its own kingdom of misery.

I am intoxicated by the sweet venom that it spreads,
enslaved and addicted to the pain killing torment it offers,
and slowly my soul mingles and tangles itself
and becomes part of this essence; this blind fable.

This blind fable is called Love.


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