There Was a Time

There was a time
when the air was winged with desire
and the soil was seeded with love
and the water was infused with passion.

In my eyes the seasons changed
turning from emerald to copper to gray.
In my heart the seasons drained away,
taking with their running waters, it’s love.

The great gray rocks had my senses with them,
my sight traveled to the canopies of sycamore trees,
my touch to the delicate streams of the south,
and my taste to the succulent dew of flower petals.

My hair was carried away by the cautious breeze
it covered the sun and reflected its beauty
into the sunsets and sunrises,
it silently painted the Earth with golds and bronzes.

There was a time
when my skin touched that of the grass valleys
my fingers felt the blades grow through them,
my muscles moved with the roots underneath.

There was a time
when I was lost in the ambient features of the earth,
I was in control of the forest fires,
and in command of river floods.

Now is a time,
a very different time, I am swallowed by the earthquakes,
the passionate waters commit crimes against me,
the air blew against me with desire to hurt me.

Now I just dream,
I reconciled with what I was
and I became human, no longer moving with the soil,
but instead preoccupied responding to my own heartache.

There will be a time,
a time of strength and great and lovely power,
I will become the winged air that carries desire,
and I will drink from the passion of the waters.

When that time comes, I will be me again.


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