Night before sunset

The breeze wraps itself around me like a ribbon,
it tickles my face with my hair,
and brings smells of foreign properties,
that send goosebumps down my back.

Lights that I see in the dark
twinkle from far away and get stronger.
The sky ranges from gray to pastel blue
as the night sets in on a cloudy day.

Streaks of clouds line the sky
their depths making them seem much closer than they are.
The trees go from green to black as the light disappears
and soon I can’t tell the difference between the naked and the dressed ones.

Night animals sing songs of patterns
and rhythms that only they can master.
The cars bring the continuous sound
of rubber on asphalt.

A tiny spider weaves a web
in between the bars of my balconies
and a climbing frog
goes up the building’s wall.


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