The Dreamer

There are days when my mind likes to wander
and visit unrealistic worlds, magical worlds
that only in my dreams can exist,
things that only in dreams can come true.

My mind envisions fairy tales and myths
come alive in my own life;
their fortunate happenings are my own,
and I always receive the happy endings.

On windy days I dream that the wind
can whisk me away like a seedling
and I swoosh with the breeze
from land to land and over seas.

On rainy mornings I dream that the rain drops
are cool, sweet kisses from a stranger that
I am to love in the future but have not met,
they fall on my cheeks as I gather them.

On chilly evenings when the moon is still hiding
I dream I am one of the stars in the dark sky;
I shine with my own beautiful light,
I am seen, I am bright, I am brilliant.

And on fall days, when golden leaves revive memories
I dream that I am loved and happy, an who loves me
resides in the cold November air that touches my skin
and I am carried away by him along with the scarlet leaves.

But my dreams are too big for my own good,
I open my eyes and notice this now,
because the wind can’t take me away from here,
and the rain does not kiss my skin.

The fall does not bring my love to me,
the golden leaves do not revive my memories.
I am simply a dreamer who dreams without restraint,
and my dreams are simply too big for my own good.


One Comment Add yours

  1. JayMish says:

    awesome, really vivid


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