The Great Tree Speaks

You followed the hidden path through the forest, the small ground plants touch your skin, some trying to hold you back others scratching your legs. Twigs break in quick crackling noises under your boots, the moist soil grabs on to the bottom of your shoes and continues with you as you walk. Baby trees as tall as yourself appear in front you, in courtesy you step around their fragile bodies. In the distance you feel a scurrying animal hiding underneath the dry leaves on the forest floor, far away you hear the wind as it travels through the canopy up high. You look up and see the top branches of the trees moving, dancing as the wind goes through them, singing in unison a ballad for all to hear. As the wind passes through the woods, you are enchanted, moved by the invisible force that has come from the east, bringing stories from the places it has traveled through, replenishing the trees with the air it brings. The smell of soil and the unpleasant aroma of decay tickle your nostrils, for a brief second you are overwhelmed by the strange scent, after a moment it is replaced by the subtle but alarming smell of a storm that rumbles in the horizon, the smell of rain warning the forest of its approach. You keep walking, stepping on the leaves that old trees have started shedding as a welcome to the fall. You stumble, something obstructs your feet, they are the roots of a great tree a distance away, their size only a small representation of the majestic giant. You follow the moss-covered roots towards their owner until you find me, I am that great tree. You look at me from where you stand taken aback by my great powerful aspect, my bark has been smoothed away by the years, the many storms I have had to endure, the many winds that caressed my trunk and my branches. I dance, my young leaves, small for the size of my body, move and wave at you from the sky, glad that you have come to visit them they snicker in cheer. My aged roots hug my base, they have extended a great distance away from me in the passing of the years, they have spread so wide that I new you were near me from the moment you stepped into my forest. You feel humbled and show your respect to me and to my land. Your hands slowly reach and touch me, I relish the sensation and feel the awe you have for my existence. I am the great tree you have followed the path to, I sustain all of the live on this forest, the inhabitants of this land depend on my strength to stay alive. I ask of you humble traveler to speak of my role in this community so that they might know that there is a great tree that lives deep in the forest, protecting the virginity of her land; so they might come to admire me as well.


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