Tangling Thoughts

Tangling thoughts in webs of silk
I find myself in a jungle of passion and love;
excitement swings for tree to tree
and my patience fades into the mist.

Knitting sheets out of words
I find myself in a room of enclosed feelings.
my anger bounces off the walls trying to find a way out;
my sadness shivering in the corners.

Drawing a portrait of my observations
I find myself looking out a window to the path we’ve taken;
our memories walk hand in hand our touch
still lingers in the air like perfume from a blossom.

Writing a journal out of my eyesight,
I find myself in a field of fast heartbeats and butterfly wings;
my dreams sleep under a tree
and my hopes danced in the air with the flowers.

Walking up the story of my life
I find myself in a corridor of past times and hidden futures;
my mind is closing the doors to the past
and my eyes are looking for what’s ahead.

Traveling through the walls of my heart,
I find myself in a museum of a past love’s masterpieces;
our moments together exhibited on the wall,
and our kisses recorded in time.


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