Unloved Desert

Love falls on me like rain on an unloved desert,
scarce, quickly and only at night
when the moon in her kind blue light
allows it to be replenished of its thirst.

The hungry sun takes,like an egotistical child,
the little water that the soil holds,
life takes from me, like a greedy man,
what little love I have.

Rain falls on the unloved desert like a torture,
the sizzle of the cold rain hitting the sun-scorched earth,
a loud hiss is it’s cry of pain,
it has been unloved for too long.

Love comes to me like a punishment,
the breaking of my heart as love fills the air
one more time is its only result,
I have been unloved for too long.

The desert opens his soil in cracks
because of his need for rain,
I open my soul and let my emotions free
because of my need of love.

And when it comes the desert rejoices,
for a second it feels the rain again,
and I too feel the joy of feeling love again
but the rain evaporates and the love moves on.

But like the unloved desert I still live,
its soil still sustains life, my heart still sustains dreams.
The unloved desert and I are one,
without the rain we shall be.


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