Things in a different light

There are some things in life we need to live comfortably, love, food, money, things like this that give our live reason and a commodity to live. Electricity is one of those things, right now I have none. One of the few down points of living in the rural mountains is the risk that we have of losing power every time a storm blows by.

Today while I was working peacefully from my home office a terrible storm started brewing, soon thunder was stampeding across the sky and lightning was dancing on the earth and even hail started shooting out from the sky. And soon after that, the power was out. I was disconnected from my remote desk and I was unable to work comfortably for the rest of the hour that I had left.

Now the power has been out for about five hours and after some boredom and a very cold shower I have come to see things in a different light. Now as the flame of a gas lantern dances in front of me and the light paints silhouettes on the ceiling I realize that sometimes not having the things we always have is a good thing.

Sometimes we need a break from the everyday things that we always have, to broaden our minds, to gain more experiences. I had not missed out on anything during this time that the power has been out on the contrary I have shared with my family laughter and old stories. I have been able to write and observe some things that I can’t see when there is power.

There are things in life we can’t live without, others we think we can’t live without and there are others we should take a break from when a chance comes by, to be able to see things in a different light.


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