I feel alive today.
A seeping, singing, splendor rises inside me,
a marvelous, wonderous charm runs inside of me,
today I feel alive.

Alive is my heart, yes alive.
Enchanted with life and its sweet flavor
becoming every day stronger and joyous
opening to new love and new feelings.

Living is my soul, yes living,
thriving with the words of my new heart’s song
dancing with the breaths of each new day
embracing new ideas and sharing new thoughts.

Invigorated is my smile, yes invigorated.
It lights up with the surf the mornings,
it captures the silver of the moon’s shine
and stars mirror themselves in its brightness.

Versatile is my mind, yes versatile.
My thoughts are pages for readers open,
my words are flowers for collectors a pleasure,
my dreams are novels for romantics a cure.

Electrified, my mind is electrified.
Everything I touch becomes joyous and beautiful
everything I say brings love and emotions
everything I do is a reflection of my heart.

Today I feel alive,
A flying fiery freedom escapes from me,
a growing, grand glow expels from me
and everybody can see that I am alive.


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