Today is a memory

Today I have found
love’s initials on my pillow;
morning light paints fire on their curves.

Today I have felt
love’s soft knock coming from my bedroom
from inside the armor of my most hidden dreams.

Today seems immense
the possibility that captures and swallows solitude
that makes darkness burn into the light.

Today I want
to feel the essence of love come into my body
from my toes to my neck and be infused with its beauty.

Today I have tasted
tears of joy like spring showers
that fall swiftly to share with me their sweetness.

Today I have touched
the most deep of emotions with the soft of my fingertips
and I lured them out of where they hide and set them free.

Today it seems insane
the total liberty of my heart’s desire to be expressed
but it is real and I can finally say that I love.

Today I have questioned
the words that fly in melody from love songs
but they have blanketed my heart with their truth.

Today I have loved,
and I will keep loving eternally, keep all of my love
in a glass box so that I can always remember it.

Today I hold this memory,
today I found love I can set my soul free,
let it become part of the wind and be happy forever.


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